My foray into architecture started in high school, when I decided to expand my family's Santa Barbara home into its large unfinished attic. My parents and neighbors were a little alarmed when they came home from work and saw that I had cut a large hole in the side of the house for a new door and stairway. For the next four summers I worked for contractors and electricians so that I could learn the skills needed to finish the attic into livable space. At UC Berkeley, I studied architecture and civil engineering. After college, I worked in construction and was licensed as a general contractor.

For the past 25 years, I have been working as an architect on new vacation homes throughout Northern California and remodels/renovations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My goal as an architect is to help you make the architecture and construction process a conscious effort and to create a beautiful and functional environment, unique to your personality and reflective of your specific needs.

With a slant towards Hindu philosophy, my mother would argue that life is predetermined and that ultimately we have no control over our lives. I would argue that we have the choice to create beautiful environments, and I meticulously work through the details to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

My design etiquette is restrained and comfortable, not gaudy. I love light and large windows, natural materials, and expression of the structure. I gravitate to work that is made by craftsmen rather than machine, to elements and details from the 1920s and before.

Thank you for your consideration in having me help with your project.

Rob Kelly